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FAQs About White Label SEO Software 

Everyone knows that search engine optimization (SEO) is important but few know how to master the art of creating web-friendly content without investing a lot of time and money. While some hire in-house specialists to handle their SEO needs, many turn to resellers for website optimization and blog content that garners the attention of search engines. It is fairly easy to monitor an in-house expert and discuss successes and failures with campaigns on a daily basis. It is not so easy to talk about such matters with outsourced companies. This is why white label SEO software is so important.

What is white label SEO software?

White label SEO software is a set of tools that clients can use to make their websites more web-friendly. As with reseller companies who offer their services without possibility of brand promotion from clients, white label software also allows business owners to place their brand name on the tools provided.

What is the purpose of investing in such technology?

As the world progresses and new ideas come forth, the Internet will continue to change. Such changes will, inevitably, prove current methods of optimization irrelevant. Software tools that are updated often will keep business owners like yourself in the loop so that you can monitor your site’s progress to detect changes. You can switch your strategy immediately if you notice that customers are no longer interested in your method of promotion, rather than wait until sales decline to consider something different.

Do the tools integrate Google?

Yes. All good white label SEO software integrates Google Analytics, which allows customers and firms to monitor a website’s progress on the Internet. Some even merge other tracking mechanisms that are offered by Yahoo! and Bing.

What type of software can I look forward to?

One of the many benefits of white label SEO tools is the ability for customers to have a dashboard. This interface, often referred to as a domain area, allows clients to easily see all of the features that the software offers and authorize several users to make changes to the site when appropriate. The dashboard is perfect for campaigns where more than one SEO specialist is working to build a web-friendly site. Collaborations can take place right on the management system instead of via email where important messages stand the chance of being sent to spam.

Does the dashboard come standard or can I customize it?

There is a standard dashboard that all users are introduced to upon deciding to purchase SEO software. You are, however, free to customize your homepage as you see fit and this includes moving important facets such as Google Analytics and keywords to the forefront while putting other factors that are not as important on the back-burner.

Speaking of keywords, can SEO software help with that?

Yes. There are a number of white label software companies that offer clients technology that makes selecting keywords easier. Some even integrate a list of keywords that are tailor-made for the industry in which the client is trying to gain sales. Reseller firms that offer great packages will include keyword assistance in all of its software deals.

So what’s the importance of investing in white label SEO software? Couldn’t I just buy regular SEO software and call it a day?

Yes, you could purchase random SEO software but the experience would be much different. White label SEO allows you to place your brand on the software and use it to your company’s full advantage. Other companies may not allow you to use their services without requiring that you at least mention you purchased tools through their firm. While there is nothing wrong with promoting another business, wouldn’t you like to have the option of whom you publicize? White label SEO affords you that liberty.

What about reports?

Anyone who has ever ran an advertising campaign knows that reports are time-consuming and tedious. In some cases, you spend more time crafting the results of your campaign than planning for your next move in the online marketing business. It is for this reason that SEO software was created.

White label SEO technology makes manual reports a thing of the past. The software takes note of your progress and failure throughout the campaign so that you can focus on other things, such as sales. You have the power to check on your success at any time by generating a report that often gives you a breakdown of the positives and negatives of your campaign in laymen’s terms. Trying to figure out the numbers so that you can put charts together that few people on your team understand will no longer be necessary once you invest in good software.

What if I hired an in-house employee? Can I still use the software?

Yes. In fact, many corporations invest in SEO software in addition to hiring an in-house expert because the technology invokes more productivity. Your employee will thank you when she has more time to focus on strategy because of the “reports” feature that keeps good records. You will thank yourself when you cash in, literally, on the benefits of SEO software.

What is another way that clients can benefit from resellers using SEO software?

In addition to firms being more productive as a result of SEO software, clients can also experience the benefits of such technology through the transparency that resellers offer through dashboards. Your domain as a client gives you access to the methods that the firm is using to improve your site. The power to monitor and make informed decisions about your campaign is, therefore, in your hands.

What about tests that determine whether a campaign would be right before it goes live? Is there any software for that?

Yes. Several white label SEO companies offer correlation software that allows clients to run tests before agreeing to go with a campaign. Such feature allows you to determine if a certain strategy is good for your company before putting time and energy into it.



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