5 Tips for Finding an SEO Reseller

Why You Need an SEO Reseller
A lot of enterprising small companies attempt to do their own SEO work. Sure, it seems like a good idea at first. You did everything else yourself, right? Why not do your own SEO reselling? First of all, it’s a full-time job. Second, you could end up doing more harm than good. Third, if it’s not what you’re motivated to do, you will give up and go back to your widgets. Finally, it takes up to a year of solid SEO presence to develop sustainability in your search rankings. Even professional SEO marketers often outsource SEO services for their own advertising, because, after all, they have to tend to their own day to day business.

If that’s not a grim enough scenario for you, it gets worse. SEO Resellers these days are so common that fly-by-night outfits can blend in easily with high-quality professionals. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between them. Of the agencies that are not qualified to handle SEO marketing the hardest to spot are traditional marketing agencies that have lots of experience doing Public Relations and Web Design. Outfits like this are prone to assuming they are SEO experts right out of the box. They are not. You need a specialist.

Online marketing is a constantly changing landscape. You need an agency with an SEO reselling plan that incorporates web immersion. That means you want an expert who eats, drinks and breathes the language, the memes, and trends, of the online world and can act as an Internet traffic meteorologist. That is to say, they should have a predictive level of expertise in forecasting trends.
What Does a Quality SEO Reseller Program Look Like?
Now that you’re convinced, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for your SEO Reseller. To begin, you need to choose someone you can trust, someone who has been in business for at least five years. If you can’t find at least three positive online reviews of the outfit, scratch them off your list. Second, you want an SEO Reseller that will give you a timeline upfront. They should know their business well enough to be able to lay out a detailed plan about how their efforts to promote your business is going to work. And then, of course, they need to be able to deliver on that timeline. So if you get that far down the road with your SEO Reseller and you don’t see results, it’s time to move on.
Five Criteria for Choosing Your SEO Reseller
White Label and SEO Resellers may not like being grilled by their prospective clients, but you will have to essentially conduct an interview. Even if it takes an interminable series of email exchanges, you need your prospective online marketer to answer five questions before you should hire them.

1. What is your standard for results?
Your SEO provider must be focused on outcomes. They should use metrics like leads and sales – real measurable results. Page one rankings are nice, and they are important, but they are only a positive sign- not an actual result. Just getting to the top of a Google search after an afternoon of social media work isn’t good enough. You want someone who grades himself by tangible results, ie; sales.

2. What are your criteria for choosing search terms?
The answer to this question should be ‘by researching your industry to discover keywords and phrases your customers respond to.’ Also, since you’re the expert in your own business, the keywords and phrases they arrive at should match your own. If they do not match, one of you is probably off the mark.

3. What is your attitude about content production?
Three years ago it was acceptable to simply cram hyperlinks into blurbs artificially, often with little regard for making them fit into the context. Hyperlinks are no longer novel. And keywords are an expectation, like commercials in the middle of Android apps, no one is surprised by them. These days, the winning standard for SEO marketing is to use naturally compelling content with your search keywords and hyperlinks layered in organically. Savvy Internet users know ads are in everything, all they expect is that you respect them enough to build SEO content in without being jarring. The last thing you want to do is annoy a potential client who is just a click away from leaving your site.

4. How do you create SEO laden content?
An SEO reseller who is also a content producer is either a hyper-talented caffeine abuser or they are blowing smoke. The best way to produce top-quality content is to work with an artist, a writer, a popular videographer or some other kind of content specialist. Consider how Television advertising has worked for decades- with advertisers and content producers working independently of each other in order to produce their own revenue. The writers of popular television programs are not writing commercials. Neither did Crest or Nike have anything to do with the plot of Mad Men. If your SEO expert is spending work time writing content, it wouldn’t be untoward to ask if he really knows his job.

5. What is your strategy for building links?
Links need to be high quality. They need to say what they mean and avoid copy-write infringements. SEO firms that use spammy looking links may not be looking out for your best interest. Their links may lead traffic away from your site, and they may lead your clients into legal trouble.
Don’t hire any SEO firm that can’t answer all of these questions glowingly. If they seem untoward on any of these points they, at best, may not be the pros they claim to be, and at worst they may just be looking to use your business to push another company’s ads through

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